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Koi Villa is more than just an aquatic garden center - it is a destination to get the right products for your pond! What makes our garden center unique?  Since its inception 27 years ago, we have offered quality Japanese & domestic Koi,  Shubunkins and gold fish,  plants, filtration systems and everything associated with a true koi pond and water gardens.
 Trust is needed. We have always tried to “exceed your expectation of us” by learning what’s new in the aquatic industry and the best source of information related to fish care.  We know that everyone needs the same basic equipment but then we take that extra step to design it for you ponds conditions. "Koi Villa is an experience"! Your first experience with us will have you shaking your head at how much you will learn in such a small amount of time.  Even experienced pond hobbyist are amazed at our knowledge.   It’s not uncommon to see new hobbyist  taking notes as they simply cannot absorb all of the  information and enjoy listening to Kirk speak about filtration.   We enjoy talking with you; however we are never in a position for a debate.  We know that you will be or have invested allot and our intent is to ensure you that it will always be in your best interest.  All we ask is that you be honest with us and bring a list of your equipment, measure your pond so you know its size as size determines everything from filtration, fish load to medication.  As you walk through our greenhouse looking at the fish we will explain why our fish are so healthy and why we quarantine them upon arrival.   Our fish are given melafix baths each week as we know that it reduces their stress.  Their stress is related to being taken out of the sales tank for viewing.   Preventative measures are always in our best interest so our Koi are medicated regularly for parasites, fungus and many of the common problems that can make major problems in time.  JAPANESE.  Yes, we do import our Koi.  Each year we also purchase large Koi which are selected one at a time.  We also carry a select grade of domestic koi. "Our greatest reward"  Is when a hobbyist arrives and he is in a panic. He was referred to us by a friend who said “Go see Kirk-he can fix it” and say that I sent you. "Through the years"  If you are looking for something unique think of us!  We may still have a bamboo pergola, or a privacy fence, granite lanterns or birdhouses tucked away somewhere that will work perfect for you!     "Our flag & garden spinner collections are growing"!  In 2011 Koi Villa is the largest flag and garden spinner retailer in the Rhode Island.  In September we added the “NFL” Team Flags, They are all available @ www.koivilla.com  is and we ship daily.  New products are being uploaded daily so check often. "JC" and what it means to us.  Our store is filled with “JC’S” What does “JC” mean? “Just Cuz” Our customers come in and have that looked in their eyes telling me that they are on a mission. They go directly to the koi tanks and stare….I can actually see their bodies relax as they select their favorite koi and  I will say…”you just had to have it” and they would say…”Yes, I  had to have it” which is  a “JC”. "Gifts for the holiday" - Please visit us soon.   We want you to relax and enjoy our shop.   Take your time, walk around and enjoy the great deals that we have in our “collections”!  I am sure that you can find a “JC gift” for that special someone in your life!   Tell us that you’re looking for a creative gift. Our garden décor make terrific gifts for the holidays and our spinners, wind mills and flags make great “JC” gifts too!   We accept layaways and will hold your layaway until November 15, 2011. (close for the season) "Sign up for our email blast"-We want your business and need your help to spread the word to your family and friends so won’t you please forward our email blasts to them?   You may sign up on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/koivillari. Hope to see you soon! Gail Hermann
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