Tiogue Educators Share Student Progress at Committee Meeting

The School Committee also discussed a new administrator salary policy among other agenda items.


At Tuesday night's School Committee meeting held at , Principal Louise Seitsinger along with fourth grade teachers Jen Jendzejec, Lisa Bouchard and Cheryl Canfield-Ross presented teaching methods that they are currently using in the classroom that incorporate graphic organizers, content-specific vocabulary and developing technological skills through PowerPoint presentations. The educators also explained how differentiation is used in teaching and how it gauges content, process and product from all students.

Thirteen fourth grade students demonstrated projects and assignments that they have been working on this year that combine reading, writing and science along with art and technology skills. The students presented their posters, graphic organizers, computer presentations and writing samples about rocks and minerals and each group explained how they went about completing their assignment and showcasing it to their peers.

Seitsinger then gave a presentation on the school's most recent NECAP test results and discussed the school's use of screening assessments that utilize the "SWAT" (School Workers Armed with Timers) that have shown significant positive gains in student progress.

"I see a lot of positive gains across the board," she said. "There are a lot of positives that are going on at Tiogue every day."

Administrator Salary Policy

The Committee approved the first reading of the policy that will guide starting salaries and annual increases to administrators.

Assistant Superintendent James Erinakes explained that in the past, raises were directly tied to a teacher's contract, but now more outside factors are being taken into consideration such as cost of living and merit.

"There have been a lot of changes," he said. "Last time we saw this, we got down to actual salary ranges and there was a request to expand those ranges, which we've done."

The first reading of the policy will be posted on the school department's website for two weeks for review by residents until it is adopted.

Sports Championships Recognition

Representative Lisa Tomasso presented citations signed by herself and fellow representatives and dignitaries to members of the wrestling and girls basketball teams for winning the state championships in both sports.

"I would certainly like to say congratulations, this is a wonderful honor and success," Tomasso said to the wrestling team. "I know it's not an organized sport, but it requires everybody to work together and there is a lot of teamwork and sportsmanship. You should know that you are truly an inspiration to the community and you are part of what is making Feinstein Middle School a culture of success."

To the girls basketball team, Tomasso said, "I am so happy to be able to recognize these girls that are wonderful role models, not only for the whole student body, but also for other female students coming up behind them. You are paving the way by being free, confident, successful, smart, strong and anything you want to be."

Loss Prevention Leadership Award

On Mar. 8, the Coventry School Department received one of three statewide leadership awards sponsored by the Rhode Island publication, The Trust. The department's Loss Prevention Committee (members from the department's central office) held workshops that were offered and improvements that came from them were considered when being chosen for this award.

According to The Trust's website, "The Trust Loss Prevention Department provides resources to address the prevention of property, liability, and workers' compensation losses."

The next School Committee meeting will be held on Mar. 27 at 7 p.m. at the School Administration Offices (1675 Flat River Rd.)


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