School Improvement Bonds: Why Provide Air Quality Upgrades to Coventry Schools?

Find out what Bond Question #12 will do for the school department if passed.


On Nov. 6's Town of Coventry Election Ballot, residents will have the opportunity to vote on six bond items that will affect the school department, five of which (#9-13) have been reviewed and approved by the RI Department of Education. RIDE will reimburse the Town of Coventry 48.3% on each of these five bond items if approved. (This is a one-time offer that will not be presented again in the future if the items are not approved.)

If approved, Bond Item #12 ($1.6 million), would provide for improvements to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in Coventry High School, Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School and Blackrock, Hopkins Hill, Tiogue and Western Coventry elementary schools.

Here is the itemized list of specific improvements and the schools involved:

  • Blackrock: Install New Make Up Supply Air Systems With Energy Recovery From Exhaust Air - $207,900
  • Hopkins Hill: Install Air Recovery Units To Supply All Classrooms With Outdoor Air and Replace Boiler - $303,200
  • Tiogue: Install New Make Up Supply Air Systems With Energy Recovery From Exhaust Air - $207,900
  • Western Coventry: Install New Make Up Supply Air Systems With Energy Recovery From Exhaust Air - $127,500
  • ASFMS: New Off Peak Modular Boilers with Domestic Hot Water Heating/Storage - $206,000
  • CHS: Replace Chiller and Cooling Tower and New Off Peak Modular Boilers with DHW Heating/Storage - $550,000

Click here to visit the school district's bond information website or see the attached PDF to view the PowerPoint presentation shown to parents and residents at a recent informational meeting.

Here is a brief introduction to all of the requested school bond items. 

Lila E. Ritchotte November 05, 2012 at 12:12 PM
I hope the citizens find it in their hearts to approve the school bond issues for all schools in Coventry for the safety of the students, faculty administration and many visitors who enter these facilities on a daily basis. Age can sure take a toll on all of these buildings. Coventry High School opened in 1975 (37 years ago) to end double sessions that had been in effect for several years. Today it has an enrollment of 1,698 students. I now have two grandchildren in the high school and hope the bond referendum for improvements to this facility and the others on the ballot passes tomorrow. Lila E. Ritchotte 1973 Member of Coventry High School Building Committee
A Taxpayer November 05, 2012 at 02:32 PM
I find the bond issue to be rather infuriating. It is the result of years and years of the school committee's failure to adequately budget for building maintenance, and years and years of the failure of administrators to do their jobs. Now they've painted the taxpayers into a corner (actually, lack of painting is also a problem) and are forcing a tax increase to pay for their lack of planning. I'll vote yes if they all resign.


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