John V. Doyle School Joins National Recycling Milestone

Coventry students helped raise more than $7 million for charity through the TerraCycle Brigade Program.

In recognition of April being "Earth Month," recycling pioneer TerraCycle is celebrating reaching $7 million donated to schools and charities across the country and around the world with help from groups in Rhode Island. 

Through its free recycling programs, called the "Brigade" programs, any individual or organization can keep traditionally non-recyclable waste out of local landfills and earn money for schools or non-profits. Since 2008, the company diverted 2.5 billion pieces of waste from landfills and donated more than $7 million to worthy causes. 

The top five TerraCycle collectors in Rhode Island are: 

  • Father John V. Doyle School in Coventry collects for the Drink Pouch Brigade.
  • Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School in Johnston collects for the Candy Wrapper, Chip Bag, and Drink Pouch Brigade programs.
  • Potter-Burns Elementary School in Pawtucket collects for the Drink Pouch Brigade.
  • George J. Peters Elementary in Cranston collects for the Elmer’s Glue Crew, Chip Bag and Drink Pouch Brigade programs.
  • Halliwell Memorial School in Slatersville collects for the Chip Bag, Lunchables and Drink Pouch Brigade programs.

“Groups like Father John V. Doyle School are instrumental in helping TerraCycle accomplish our mission of eliminating the idea of waste,” said Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle. “Without their dedication to environmental protection and resource conservation, we would never have reached this milestone.”

TerraCycle runs free collection programs for almost 50 kinds of non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste ranging from Capri Sun drink pouches to Malt-O-Meal cereal bags to Elmer’s Glue Bottles. Much more than just a waste reduction and fundraising opportunity, TerraCycle’s Brigade programs are fun, easy way to engage and educate students of all ages about recycling and environmental responsibility. TerraCycle provides free curricula, lesson plans, DIY projects and more to bolster the educational impact of these free programs.

The company, based out of Trenton, NJ, converts the waste into a large variety of products, including fencing, backpacks, storage bins and more, which are then sold at stores like Walmart and Target.

For more information on how to sign up, send in trash and earn cash for charity, please visit www.terracycle.com.


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