Coventry Students Learn Life Lessons from BMX Star

The world record holding biker taught students at Blackrock to always be kind and respectful to others and to never give up on their dreams.


Students at were visited by a special motivational speaker on Wednesday morning.

BMX star Kevin Robinson who hails from East Providence has been riding professionally for 20 years and has competed in every X-Games since they began in Providence in 1995. He has won multiple gold medals and is also the world record holder for the BMX height record with a vert jump of 27 feet.

When he's not training or competing, Robinson who has three children of his own, spends his time visiting schoolchildren in an attempt to instill quality values and life lessons in an entertaining way. He and his wife also started the K-Rob Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps less fortunate children in East Providence participate in athletics.

During his visit to Blackrock, Robinson shared his motto "Dream Your Life, Then Live Your Dream"  with the students, explaining the importance of never giving up in what they believe in and to always strive to achieve their dreams.

Aside from showing students slides and motivational videos about topics ranging from making good choices, not bullying, being respectful and kind to others, making new friends and helping others face their fears, he wowed the crowd (students and teachers alike) with various bike tricks that he has mastered during his career.

Robinson's words seemed to resonate with the students as he brought several of them to the front of the gym to demonstrate examples of teamwork and standing up for one another.

As a lesson to students about earning someone's trust, Robinson decided to show them first hand how to do so by having two teacher volunteers (who didn't know what they were volunteering for) lie on the floor of the gymnasium and then proceeded to jump over them on his bike.

"It takes a long time to earn someone's trust," he said. "If I had hit them with my bike, they probably wouldn't have trusted me to try it again, but because I didn't, they would trust a bit more if I said I wanted to do it again."

During one of his final lessons, "Being Prepared and Working Hard", Robinson explained to the students the importance of practice, perseverance and resilience. As an example, he showed a video of himself successfully performing the trick he invented called the "Double Flair" - one that took him three years and several broken bones to master. The stunt earned him the BMX Vert Best Trick win at the 2006 X-Games. (Click here to watch the video, it's crazy!)

"There will always be things that take a lot of practice and there will be times when you mess up," he said. "You have to keep trying and you can't ever give up."

"It doesn't matter if you're six or sixty, there will still be something that you want to do," he continued. "Just remember that it is never too late and to never give up."

Kevin Robinson also visited to speak to students.


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