Coventry School District Safety & Security Committee

Below is a summary of the mission statement, structure and membership of the newly formed Safety & Security Committee.


Click here for highlights from the Committee's Action Plan.


Oversee the safety & security of students, employees, families and community members of Coventry Public Schools while on school grounds. Review school structures, systems, policies, procedures and practices related to school safety and security; make recommendations to School Committee for approval. 

The District Safety & Security Committee is a standing committee appointed by the School Committee. The Committee will meet a minimum of four times a year. The Committee is supported by three subcommittees:

Structures & Systems

  • Purpose - Assesses school structures to include, but not limited to, front entrance design, corridors, perimeter security, and interior and exterior doors. Also assesses systems to include, but not limited to, security systems, intercom system, surveillance systems, employee sign-in/out system and visitor entry plan/system.

Fire Drill, Lockdown & Evacuation Procedures

  • Purpose - Develop a Comprehensive School Safety Plan to be approved by the School Committee. Assesses school fire drill, lockdown & evacuation procedures at both the school and district level with the intent of making procedures as consistent as possible and aligned to State Regulations – Section 16-21-23. Section 16-21-23 requires procedures for contacting law/emergency personnel, notifying and activating school crisis response team, contacting parent(s), and more.


  • Purpose - Identifies and develops training modules for all Safety & Security procedures. Identifies audience and respective timelines for training modules. Training modules include, but not limited to, the following: fire drill, lockdown & evacuation procedures, front office procedures, and crisis/safety team procedures. 

District School Safety & Security Committee Members:

Town Council & Town Manager

  • Gary Cote – Town Council President
  • Tom Hoover – Town Manager

School Committee Member

  • Ann Dickson – Member

Coventry Public Schools

  • Dr. Michael Almeida* – Superintendent of Schools
  • Ann Dickson – School Committee Member
  • Mike Convery – Assistant Superintendent
  • Robin Pelletier – Director of Administration & Finance
  • Brian Steverman – Physical Plant Director
  • Jason Martin – Buildings & Grounds Director
  • Sue Lyons – ULSS Director
  • Mike Hobin – Coventry High School Principal
  • Kathryn Tancrelle – Elementary School
  • Danny Smith – Middle School
  • Kelly Erinakes – CTA President & SRP Liaison

Coventry Public Police Department Personnel

  • Chief Bryan Volpe* - Police Chief
  • Major Richard Schmitter
  • Lt. John Shields
  • Lt. Frederick Heise
  • Capt. John MacDonald
  • Officer Jason Burlingame
  • Officer Rich Pendola

Coventry Fire Departments

  • Chief Andrew Baynes – Central
  • Captain Robert Mann – Western Coventry
  • Andrew Perra – Coventry Fire District
  • Assistant Deputy Chief Michael Rapose – Hopkins Hill


  • Brian Ahern - TRUST Insurance Company
  • Gary Lesperance – Sonitrol Security Company

*Co-chairs of Committee.


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