CHS Teacher Chosen for GIS, Remote Sensing Workshop

Peter Stetson will use the opportunity to enhance the curricula in his Biology, Environmental and Earth Sciences classes.


Long time Coventry High School Science teacher, Mr. Peter Stetson, has been selected as a participant in a two-year program where he will attend week-long workshops over the next two summers.

The program is sponsored by the National Council on Geographic Education, the National Science Foundation and the US Geological Society. It will prepare him to incorporate remote sensing data into GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Mr. Stetson is one of only two high school teachers selected from more than 40 applicants and said that he is extremely excited for the opportunity.

He currently uses GIS and remote sensing within his Biology, Environmental, and Earth Sciences classes. Coventry High School is one of three high schools in Rhode Island that currently have GIS as part of their curriculum. The opportunity to prepare students to learn about the various applications of Geospatial Technology was the driving force towards Mr. Stetson's application. 

"This is by far the most cutting edge technology I have encountered," he said. "I wonder what else I can learn to help prepare students for the future!"


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