Traffic Calming Committee Discusses Pavement Markers at Station Street Crossing

Estimates for new markings are being gathered.


At Monday evening's Traffic Calming Committee meeting, members discussed the Station Street bike path crossing after Rep. Scott Guthrie suggested that something be done about vehicles speeding by the area. Director Guy Lefebvre presented several options including installing a flat plateau surface for bikers and pedestrians to cross, making it more visible to drivers. Replacing the pavement markers that had not been repainted after the path was paved and painting hash marks on the road to alert drivers to the crossing were also options that were considered. Committee President Ted Jendzejec asked Lefebvre to collect estimates for the markings to present at the next meeting.

Police Chief Bryan Volpe updated the Committee on the status of recent traffic conditions, complaints and accidents, saying that the Department has been responding to fewer incidents in recent weeks as the construction on Tiogue Ave. has moved away from the busier sections of the road. "The accidents and complaints have really subsided recently," said Volpe.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 13 at 5:30 p.m. Some issues that are scheduled for discussion include the progress of installing left-hand turn signals on Hopkins Hill Rd./Tiogue Ave., no right turn on red near at Tiogue Ave. and an updated construction schedule, presented by Bob Joyal.


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