Town Council: Licenses and Business Contracts

The following were approved at the Aug. 20 meeting of the Coventry Town Council.



  • Renewal of the Private Detective License for Bruce Capwell
  • Fireworks display on Johnson's Pond for Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012 


  • Council members appointed Joshua Nunes to the Coventry Planning Commission.
  • A contract was awarded to Lloyd Truax Inc., to provide catch basin cleaning for the . Chuck Smith of the DPW explained that of the bids received, Truax was not only the most competitive, but also offered both per basin and per hour rates.
  • Smith stated that the hourly charge is rarely used, only in an emergency situation, which there have been very few of in the past.

"Lloyd Truax has been doing this for Coventry on and off for 15 years and also does West Warwick and East Greenwich," he said. "They've always been very fair with us and do a nice job." 

  • Council members authorized Town Manager Tom Hoover to enter into a memorandum of agreement with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation for paid details provided by the Coventry Police Department. 

Police Chief Bryan Volpe explained that cost-wise, the agreement ends up being a wash for the department and and does not change the general operating procedure. The memorandum does follow the town's Collective Bargaining Agreement.

"This simply standardizes how DOT pays out their details," he said.

  • The exchange of a retired police vehicle from the for necessary radio equipment within the was approved by the Council.

Chief Volpe explained that CCFD is looking to procure a vehicle for its and his trainer, Central Coventry Fire Lt. Adam Dauplaise to travel to other communities when their services are requested. In return, the police department will receive a radio/antennae system that will allow radio transmission to the basement of police headquarters.

"It went out to bid and Central Coventry was the only response," said Volpe."We are  getting a really good deal as we're receiving about $10,000 in equipment and the car was coming out of rotation."

  • The Council approved the award of a contract to Northeast Revaluation Group, LLC to perform a Statistical Update and Revaluation Project of all taxable real property in Coventry at a cost of $194,600.

Town Manager Tom Hoover explained that the town must go out every three years for revaluation. A Statistical Revaluation differs from a Full Revaluation (which will occur in 2015) in that only the past two years of property sales data is collected to value neighborhoods in the town. During a Full Revaluation, all properties are inspected completely. 

"The process itself doesn't change between the two kinds of revaluation, but the physical and labor aspect does significantly," said Richard Nagle of Northeast Revaluation. 

Coventry will be 60 percent reimbursed by the state for the study.


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