SK High Students React to Libya Crisis

Bringing the crisis home.

It’s no surprise that the recent U.S. decision to bomb Libya comes with much controversy.

The plan to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from power calls upon paving steps and voicing opinions.

South Kingstown High School students offered their opinions on the matter, and how an action overseas affects a small town like ours.

“The Libyan people are profoundly great people. Unfortunately, Moammar Gadhafi is misrepresenting them in the international community,” senior Priya Ghosh began. “I’m on the fence as to whether the bombing in Libya was justified or not. The United States shouldn’t be at the forefront of international decisions in Libya but because of France and the UK’s involvement, our excess involvement will be ameliorated. But the international community needs to intervene, especially when a leader of a nation alleges that he will harm his own people.”

Freshman Zach DiMartino felt that this crisis called for desperate action. “We established the no-fly zone and we need to take out the anti-air places,” he advocated.

Students debated the consequences of such a decision.

 “Now we’re involved in another war that we didn’t need to be involved in,” sophomore Mary Kate Clossick declared. “And now oil prices are going up here, and gas prices.”

 “Everything has a cause and effect, so everything that happens can affect anyone anywhere, just because everyone’s dependent on each other,” sophomore Alexis Cobb stated. “Anything that happens anywhere affects us in some way.”

Senior Robert Pekrul believed that the decision was in the US’s best interest. “It was necessary. At that point, we knew Gadhafi was not going to stop. If nobody else was to step in, then who was? We’re part of the UN so it’s part of our obligation to assist when we can help.”

If the bomb hadn’t been dropped, according to Pekrul, the US could not really have done much else: “We’ve already tried bargaining with Gadhafi, we’ve already tried (to be) diplomatic. We did the best we could. Beyond this point there’s only assisting or just watching again. ”

“We’re just going to have to watch and see what happens,” DiMartino agreed.


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