School Improvement Bonds: Why Renovate the CHS Athletic Complex?

Find out what Bond Question #11 will do for the school department if passed.


On Nov. 6's Town of Coventry Election Ballot, residents will have the opportunity to vote on six bond items that will affect the school department, five of which (#9-13) have been reviewed and approved by the RI Department of Education. RIDE will reimburse the Town of Coventry 48.3% on each of these five bond items if approved. (This is a one-time offer that will not be presented again in the future if the items are not approved.)

If approved, Bond Item #11 ($1 million) would provide renovations and new equipment for the athletic complex at Coventry High School. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), cited in its 2010 report of the high school that the conditions of the athletic facilities are not adequately meeting the needs of students or the community. (See attached PDF files to view the complete report and decision letter from the NEASC Commission.)

The stadium seating at CHS is in very poor condition and needs to be completely upgraded and made Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Currently, all inter-scholastic track meets are held at alternative locations due to Coventry's poor track conditions.

If Bond Item #11 is passed by voters, the improved athletic complex will allow for Coventry residents of all ages to enjoy it.

Here is an itemized list of specific athletic complex improvements:

  • CHS Bleacher Seating and Call Box: $425,000
  • Athletic Field and Track: $365,000
  • Parking to Seating Areas: $18,000
  • Restroom Improvements: $190,000

Click here to visit the school district's bond information website or see the attached PDF to view the PowerPoint presentation shown to parents and residents at a recent informational meeting.

Here is a brief introduction to all of the requested school bond items. 


Kevin Nolan July 23, 2013 at 12:07 PM
The bond passed. Now does anyone know when the work will begin on the "improvements"? It's almost August and it looks as though nothing has happened yet...


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