Raptakis: Response to Dave Gorman

Submitted by the Committee to Elect Lou Raptakis


The following was submitted in response to Gorman Responds to Raptakis Tax Release:

This is not simply a matter of a one-time mistake by an accountant. This was a decision to pay a portion of a 2008 tax bill and then to pay no taxes at all in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

That is the record of non-payment by Mr. Gorman's company and it is a record that speaks for itself. To suggest it was some sort of one-time mistake that is the subject of ongoing legal dispute is simply ridiculous.  

Furthermore, I'm pleased to hear Mr. Gorman has stepped down as Union President. Given the speed with which he responded to my press release today, I'm surprised this is the first time anyone has heard of this decision and that he chose not to make that information public until now. Perhaps it is because he is used to concealing information related to the Central Coventry Fire District. 

Hopefully, this shows a new commitment to openness and transparency when it comes to making information available about the Fire District's activities. In that regard, perhaps he can began by telling us whether he has paid his business taxes to the Fire District, since the tax rolls are not a matter of public record.  

The fact remains that it is deeply disturbing that Mr. Gorman has unpaid taxes to the Town of Coventry, particularly given his outspoken demands in seeking immediate action against individuals and businesses who are having a hard time keeping up with the substantial tax hikes being imposed by the Fire District. At numerous meetings of the Central Coventry Fire District, Mr. Gorman has railed against those who have struggled to keep up with the District's constant budget increases.

Perhaps going forward, he will show sympathy for others given his own failure to pay his tax bills to the Town of Coventry for several years. Hiding behind lawyers and blaming an accountant is not an acceptable response for someone who has demanded so much of others. And it certainly raises questions about whether he is fit to serve our community in the General Assembly.

Submitted by the Committee to Elect Lou Raptakis

2080 Nooseneck Hill Rd.,

Coventry, RI, 02816




Realistic voter July 27, 2012 at 01:51 PM
As a guy who showed up to the annual fire board meeting wearing stage makeup after he called the news to come down, I have never seen a bigger phony!! Lou how are you treating your employees these days? The few times I have been in your place you act like a tyrant.
Realistic voter July 27, 2012 at 01:57 PM
What tax hikes Lou??? Are you kidding with this disinformation!! When will you stop your underhanded remarks towards tax hikes !!! I challenge you to provided the information on tax hikes....Waiting... Now the good people of Coventry will see what true talking out the two sides of your face politician you are!
coventry voter-Jay July 27, 2012 at 03:36 PM
I have a few unanswered questions for Mr. Gorman: If elected will the taxpayers of the fire district have to pay the additional wages for Mr. Gorman's replacement in his absence? There is no way he will be able to use sick time of vacation time for that seat. How much is it going to cost the taxpayers in additional overtime salary if Gorman wins? . Is it in the contract that we must pay him while he is there? Will his replacement be paid as a Captain? on overtime? . You may remember when Rita Anderson finished the term for her late husband Steve Anderson (Great Man and Leader) The taxpayers paid a replacement for her and paid her while she was in session. . Will we have to pay for Gorman's replacement while we are paying him to double dip at the State House?? . Dave please respond, you would be constituents are waiting...................


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