Not Registered? You Can Still Vote for President/VP

Rhode Island state law allows people who have not registered to vote to cast a ballot of the top office.

Did you know that you can vote for president on Election Day even if you didn't register?

According to Rhode Island General Law 17-1-3, people who missed the voter registration dealine may vote for president/vice president only at their local Board of Canvassers on Election Day. 

In Coventry, you can do that at Coventry Town Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 6, during regular polling hours (7 a.m. to 8 p.m.). You will need to show an ID and complete a registration form. You will then be given a ballot for President/Vice President only.

This is also for people who have moved to Coventry from another city or town in Rhode Island over a year ago but failed to change their address.

For more information about limited voting, check out the Limited Ballot Section on the R.I. Board of Elections website for more information.

For information about proper ID for voting, click here.


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