Morgan: Letter Regarding CCFD Intended as a Constituent Service

Rep. Patricia Morgan responds to a release from Central Coventry Fire District claiming that she allegedly used state funds to send inaccurate information to taxpayers.


In response to Monday's Central Coventry Fire District press release, Rep. Patricia Morgan (R – Coventry, West Warwick, Warwick) said that it took her by surprise.

"It did surprise me because I had a long conversation with Dave Gorman about this not too long ago and explained that this is a big decision for taxpayers to make, so they should be informed," she said.

The release states that Rep. Morgan used state funds to send a letter to her constituents last month containing her opinion and inaccurate information regarding the district's Feb. 11 budget meeting and the issues that residents will be asked to vote on.

"I considered the letter the be a constituent service as I wanted the people in my district to have this information before the meeting," she said. "This is really important decision that will have ramifications for their lives no matter which way they vote. They're either going to pay a lot of money with an increase or go without the best emergency service for their area." 

Rep. Morgan went on to say that all of the information and figures included in her letter were supplied to her by CCFD Special Master Richard Land.

"At the time the letter went out, that was the best information I had," she said. "This has always been about simply letting people know what's facing them so they can make an intelligent decision and not something off-the-cuff."


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