EG Election Results 2012

The numbers.

East Greenwich went for Republican candidates from Mitt Romney down to the only GOP candidate for School Committee and approved all 8 ballot questions on Tuesday.

The election in East Greenwich went off smoothly and results for almost all the contests were clear by 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Yes, there were some surprisingly long lines at polling places, especially at Cole, Frenchtown and Hanaford. Part of that was the move from eight polling sites in 2010 to five polling sites in 2012. According to Town Canvasser Elaine Vespia, there were two reasons for the cut from eight to five.

"The redistricting that took place in May and June changed some of the Senate district lines," said Vespia. "That is why we have that small precinct 0901 [at the high school]. It is the only portion of EG in Senate District 33. The second reason is a state law that was passed that increased the maximum number of voters in each precinct. The maximum number was increased from 1,900 to 3,000. Just a side note: although we could have reduced it to four precincts if we drew the lines differently, we felt it would be too many voters at each place if we did that. We kept our numbers to under 2,600." 

Part of it was the high turnout of a close presidential race. 

And there were frustrations with the A-L and M-Z lines – why oh why were there so many in one line and so few in the other line sometimes? 

But the end came fast and clean (except for that one malfunctioning machine in West Greenwich for the House Dist. 30 race!). The polls closed at 8. Most of the results were in before 9 and all were in by 9:30. Out of a possible 10,906 EG registered voters, 6,579 voted on Tuesday, 62.5 percent (that doesn't include the more than 500 mail ballots).

Here's how the Tuesday vote broke down in East Greenwich ONLY:


Romney  3,645 (49.97%)
Obama 3,526 (48.34%)
Johnson     57 (0.78%)
Stein     38 (0.52%)

U.S. Senator:

Hinckley 3,499 (50.8%)
Whitehouse  3,374 (48.9%)

U.S. Representative:

Riley  3,297 (46.8%)
Langevin 3,248 (46.2%)
Collins    489 (6.9%)

State Senator, Dist. 33:

Shibley 196 (53.1%)
Raptakis  173 (46.8%)

State Senator, Dist. 35:

Hodgson 3,874 (62.1%)
Hames 2,342 (37.6%)

State House, Dist. 30:

Schwager 3,055
Giarrusso  3,010
McDonough        826

Town Moderator:

James Patti 4,571 

Town Council:

Michael Isaacs   4,588 
Mike Kiernan   4,213
Jeff Cianciolo   4,206 
Mark Gee   4,153 
Brad Bishop   3,836
Jean Ann Guliano   3,431  

School Committee:

Deidre Gifford    3,533
Carolyn Mark   3,523
Clark Smith   3,368 
Domenic Marcone    2,634
Eugene Quinn   2,470 

Ballot Questions

Twin River Casino

Approve     4,499
Reject        2,378

Newport Grand Casino

Approve     4,281
Reject        2,561

Higher Education Facilities

Approve     4,074
Reject        2,643

Veterans Home Bonds

Approve     4,598
Reject        2,095

Clean Water Bonds

Approve     4,810
Reject        1,876

Environmental Management Bonds

Approve     4,488
Reject        2,210

Capital Improvement Projects

Approve     3,600
Reject        3,057

Should the EG Fire District Merge with the Town?

Approve     4,417
Reject        2,236 

Therese Vezeridis November 08, 2012 at 12:36 PM
To All: Please Remove ALL Election Ad Signs as they are now blowing in the streets! Thanks.
Betsy Shimberg November 08, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Thanks for the wrap up, but I think there is an error in your numbers for Collins - these don't add up... U.S. Representative: Riley 3,046 (47.3%) Langevin 2,942 (45.6%) Collins 4,557 (7.1%)
Elizabeth McNamara November 08, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Indeed! Abel Collins got 455 votes. Thanks Betsy!
JLG November 08, 2012 at 02:52 PM
As promised, my husband and I personally picked up all Giarrusso lawn signs the morning after the election. If we missed any please let us know. Thank you for all of your support.


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