District Two Residents Elect Mattson to Council Seat

After months without a District Two representative, the Town Council is complete once again.

Republican Carl Mattson won the election by capturing 276 of the 506 total votes, taking a large portion of his lead from Democrat Scott Crowe at the Community Center polls.

Mattson, a long-time resident of Coventry and owner of plans to focus on the needs of the school department and local economy as well as the environment as part of his Town Council responsibility.

"There is a lot to take into consideration," he said. "There is the budget that is being proposed and lots of needs from the school department. I have a lot of new challenges ahead of me."

He and several supporters spent several weeks visiting residents and handing out literature informing them of his run for Town Council and they clearly liked what they heard.

"It's quite a good feeling to know that it's finally decided," said Mattson. "I like the fact that we had a very amicable election. It was a nice clean race between two people."

Mattson will be sworn into his new position at an upcoming Town Council meeting.


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