State Police Log: Heroin Possession, Disorderly Conduct and More

A collection of various Coventry-related arrests made by RI State Police. The following information does not indicate a conviction.

Hope Valley Barracks

  • At 1:50 a.m. on Aug. 16, troopers arrested Michael Graemiger, 23, of 71 Hill Farm Camp Road, Coventry, for driving under the influence and refusal to submit to a chemical test. The arrest was the result of a motor vehicle stop on Nooseneck Hill Road. Graemiger was transported to the Hope Valley Barracks, processed, and held overnight pending morning arraignment.
  • On Aug. 20 at 12:11 a.m., troopers arrested Matthew Colwell, 18, of 83 Vaughn Hollow Road, Coventry, for possession heroin, after pulling him over on Providence Street in West Warwick. Colwell was brought to the Hope Valley Barracks, processed and held overnight pending morning arraignment.
  • At 10:43 p.m. on Aug. 24, troopers arrested Jason Quinlan, 38, of 25 Osceola Ave., Coventry possession of Oxycontin, driving while in possession of a controlled substance, and carrying a firearm without a permit after he was pulled over on Centre of New England Boulevard. Quinlan was transported to the Hope Valley Barracks where he was processed and kept overnight pending morning arraignment.

Wickford Barracks

  • At 12:09 a.m. on Aug. 3, troopers arrested Richard Petersen, 48, of 14 Greenwood St., Coventry, for disorderly conduct after a reported fight outside the LA Café Lounge on Washington Street in West Warwick. Petersen was transported to Kent Hospital for treatment of minor injuries and later transported to the Wickford Barracks where he was processed and held overnight pending a morning arraignment.
  • On Aug. 25, 2013, At 3 a.m., troopers arrested Jody Barcomb, 41 of 10 Doris Ave., Coventry for a Third District Court bench warrant for failure to appear for sentencing on the original charge of driving on a suspended license out of the West Warwick Police Department. The arrest was the result of troopers investigating a suspicious person on New London Turnpike. Barcomb was transported to the Wickford Barracks where she was processed before being turned over to the Adult Correctional Institutions Womens Intake Center.

Detective Bureau

  • On Aug. 22, 2013, detectives assigned to the ACI charged inmate Gavin W. Finnerty, 45, having a last known address of 175 Log Bridge Road, Coventry, with violation of a no-contact order. He pleaded no contest, was presented as a probation violator and a bail violator, and was sentenced to 30 days to serve on the new charge and 11 months suspended sentence on the violations. The no-contact order was re-issued, restraining Finnerty from having contact with the victim. He was remanded to the Intake Service Center of the ACI, where he continues to be held pending charges of mistreating animals and assault on a person over 60.

The above reports detail arrests made by the Rhode Island State Police. Descriptions of all events are based solely on police officer reports provided to Patch.

Bill Adams September 03, 2013 at 10:50 AM
September 3, 2013 To: The Coventry Patch In following the fire protection situation in Coventry; I’m amazed at the negative, biased, personal and sometimes accusatory comments made in this forum and in the printed media. Eventually, the “authority having jurisdiction” will have to step up and accept its responsibility to provide fire protection or assume the liability and consequences of not doing so. Equally astonishing is the absence of reporting whether or not there’s a plan of action to find a solution to the problem. The “authority having jurisdiction” can be the town, a fire district or an independent fire company. Hopefully, it doesn’t become the respondent in civil or criminal proceedings for malfeasance. Many politicos, most residents and even some younger members in the fire service pay little attention to the ISO - the Insurance Services Office. They ought to. Not doing so may negatively affect the insurance rates in town regardless if the town government, a fire district or an independent fire company provides fire protection. The ISO is a private underwriting service that, among other things, grades public fire protection and assigns a numerical classification which is used by insurers to calculate insurance premiums for residential and business properties. A community is graded on a multitude of criteria including a fire department’s communication system, a community’s water supply; and the location, staffing and equipment as well as the attendance, training and maintenance records of the fire department. Taxpayers, the fire department, politicians and “those with an agenda” ought to realize the ISO does not cater to anyone’s whims, desires, political aspirations or personal desires to get even, punish or chastise those who were responsible for past fire protection. The ISO evaluates staffing levels - regardless if firefighters are volunteer, career or paid-on-call. There’s a certain number that must show up - period. ISO also determines how many fire trucks of what type should respond - regardless of how much they cost. It says how much and what type of ancillary equipment (axes, nozzles, hose, etc.) must be provided on the initial response - not what some disgruntled employee may or may not want. ISO determines whether an aerial ladder truck is required based on the number and size of structures protected - not whether someone personally wants one or not. It also mandates how long it takes for fire apparatus to arrive at an emergency. The ISO will mandate how much water should be available in a hydrant for fire protection - not the local water authority. It determines a minimum level of training for firefighters and minimum standards for testing and maintaining fire equipment - regardless of the authority having jurisdiction’s political party, gender, religion or sexual preferences. Insurance companies base premiums on the classification assigned by the ISO, not on what’s in the newspapers, on internet websites or who bloviates in a public forum. An assigned classification is based upon fact - not fiction. Good luck Coventry. Bill Adams Rochester, NY
Leave RI September 03, 2013 at 03:27 PM
Ahahaha..poor Lauren..these people will find any reason to post about fire department issues. I kept scrolling up to see if there was something related...lmao
mad hatter September 03, 2013 at 03:50 PM
and this all the way from NY. the great state of Hillary Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, and Anthony Weiner...... i suppose we should just bow to the insurance industry "regardless of how much it costs".


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