Sex Offender Notification of Release: James J. Tangaro

The offender is not wanted by the police at this time and has served the sentence imposed on him by the court.


Name/Age: James J. Tangaro, 37

Date of Birth: May 14, 1975

Residence: 680 Washington St., Apt. D, Coventry

Description: White male, 5'6", 155 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes

Convicted of: Three counts of 2nd Degree Child Molestation (Victims were 12 and 13-year-old males known to the offender.)

Risk Level: Three (high risk offender)

Probation Expires: October 27, 2024

The has released this information pursuant to RI General Laws 11-37.1-1 et seq., also known as the Sexual Offender Registration and Community Notification Act.

This individual is subject to community notification of his pending release pursuant to RI General Laws 11-37.1-12 of the act, which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender's release from prison when the Sex Offender Board of Review determines that the release of information will enhance public safety and protection.

The aforementioned individual has been convicted of a sex offense which also requires registration with law enforcement pursuant to RI General Laws 11-37.1-1 et seq.

This offender is not wanted by the police at this time and has served the sentence imposed on him by the court. This notification is not to increase fear in the community. It is the belief of law enforcement that an informed public is a safe public.

Frank Fullofit January 11, 2013 at 06:38 AM
I would like to apologize to all who has read my comments ,as you can see the man who calls him self Frank is really Daniel M Azzarone ....please google him and you will understand all the hurt he has caused all us boys back then that belonged to that parish .I harbor to much anger and pain for the crime he had committed on myself and many others ...but this was the only place I found him speaking against people that he caused so much damage to.I apologize to Lauren ,a..nd thank you Speak out for opening my eyes ....I will go over and delete all comments from me that contain anything inappropriate .But I will never apologize to the man who has ruined so many lives ...DANIEL M AZZARONE . Again apologies to all who have been offended .And again Speak Out I went over it ..and I will delete some . Thank you all for reading ,it did help to let others know ...in a way it was therapeutic ,it felt good to get it out and tell others ...who are neutral and kind ...there were no words of hate from any of you (not including Daniel ) Thank You again for not judging me . Sincerely Adam
Valerie Parkhurst January 11, 2013 at 12:21 PM
Actually closing the thread would be a disservice to all. The Thread itself speaks volumes to the damage these crimes do to the people effected by them. If Adam needed to gain his "pound of flesh" thru this forum, then let him. Too many times the victim(s) are left with no outlet to vent and think about this? If the world were truly turning on its axis, OUR children would not grow up to harbor such damage. Sometimes not always but more often than we like to admit, the abused grow into abusers and the dysfunction and OR the PAIN jumps from generation to generation. I dont know if Frank is Daniel Azzarone or not.James obviously turned out to be a very "damaged" human being. But what I do know their are plenty of Priest who perpetrated alot of hurt on alot of people and were shuffled thru society like the plague. For anyone of them to be walking as a free man is a travesty of Justice.
Leave RI January 11, 2013 at 08:54 PM
This is a waste of reading space. The last 5 days of this thread could've taken place in some AOL type chatroom.
Frank Fullofit January 12, 2013 at 05:42 AM
We all know that ......(Leave RI) but he was the one that placed 3 comments on here first .....I would have preferred to talk to him on any other site ....but I read the patch and know who he is and wanted to make my point .....you don't have to read it ...Thank You , Adam. Valerie made alot of sense ...and so did Speak Out ...they both helped me to understand all the hate I have is a waste ...and it will be hard but I will move on with my life ,Again sorry for offending anyone ....and next week I will remove any offensive comments . Again Sincerly Adam .
FRANK MELROSE January 16, 2013 at 06:23 PM


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