OMGPD: You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry, or On Coke

Take a look at some of the more compelling police reports from around the state. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Cocaine-Induced Outburst of Expression

When police pulled over a car without a front license plate, they probably expected nothing more than a routine traffic stop. That expectation was thrown out the window when the driver reportedly ripped off his shirt and burst out of his car. Police believed that this outburst of expression was likely caused by cocaine, as they found a dollar bill with a white, powdery substance on the floor of his car. Their beliefs were further solidified when the driver allegedly admitted to snorting cocaine with a friend earlier that day. No drugs were found in the car following a sweep by the Johnston Police Department’s K-9 unit, but officers did allegedly find a knuckle knife. The man was charged with disorderly conduct, weapon law violations and driving under the influence.

Lost Christmas Presents Returned

Christmas could have been a bit more sparse for one family if it hadn’t been for a Little Compton resident. The man reportedly found two bags of Christmas presents lying in the road. Winning some karma points, the man brought them to the police station, where officers were able to locate the owner and return the gifts.

Judge Awards ‘Imprisoned’ Housekeeper $1.2 Million

Years after a United Arab Emirates Navy officer allegedly forced her to work without pay, a Filipina housekeeper finally got the ruling she’d been waiting for as a federal judge awarded her $1.2 million in a civil case. According to reports, her boss – who was renting a home in East Greenwich with his family while he attended a program at the Naval War College in Newport – employed the woman in 2007 for a 12-week period to clean his home and care for his five children. During that time, . Unfortunately, the housekeeper may never see the $1.2 million as the officer and his family returned to the UAE in 2011 after he was acquitted of all criminal charges.

Karma – The Ultimate Good Samaritan

The universe works in mysterious ways, especially this past week when a man wanted for child abuse “crashed” into the long arm of the law. Providence police responded to a car crash and discovered that one of the men involved was wanted by Cranston police for allegedly breaking the leg of his girlfriend’s 7-year-old son. Police have been searching for him since September, when he reportedly kicked and broke the boy’s femur while putting him in time out. According to police, the man tried to flee the scene of the accident before police caught him.


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