Man Pleads to Driving Arrested Man’s Car

Luis Rosa, 19, of West Warwick is ordered to serve probation after driving the car of a man arrested by Coventry Police the night before.


Unless otherwise noted, files at Washington County Superior Court contain the information about the following court cases. You can review them at the McGrath Judicial Complex.

Luis Rosa, 19, of 53 Lyons Drive, West Warwick, pleaded no contest on Nov. 27 to a North Kingstown police charge of tampering with a motor vehicle.

Superior Court Associate Justice Melanie Thunberg ordered Rosa to serve six months probation and to pay $91 in assessments. An additional charge of driving with a suspended license was dismissed in return for Rosa’s plea.

According to North Kingstown police reports included in court files, officers became suspicious in February after seeing a car driven by Rosa in the parking lots of JT’s Lumber and Wendy’s after the close of business for both companies. A traffic stop was made after a lane switch on with no signal.

Police said a background check revealed that the car Lyons was driving was owned by Jose W. Afif, 19, of 30 Boylston St., Warwick. Police noted that Afif had been arrested the previous night by Coventry police and charged with driving with a suspended license, and he was still in their custody.

According to police, when asked about his car, Afif told them that he had not given permission to Rosa to drive the car. He told police that he knew Rosa’s license was suspended, and he said he only gave permission to a 17-year-old West Warwick man to drive his car home, nowhere else.

Police said that based on an investigation, James A. Pastore, 29, of 151 Hope Road, Cranston, picked up the car with the 17-year-old. At some point in the night, Pastore met up with Rosa, and according to a statement by Rosa, they took the car joyriding to several parties in the area of Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick and North Kingstown.

According to online records, Rosa has three previous arrests and pleas:

  • In September 2011, Rosa pleaded no contest to a West Warwick police charge of tampering with a motor vehicle. He was ordered to serve a year of probation, and to pay court costs and restitution.
  • In July 2011, Rosa pleaded no contest to a West Warwick police charge of driving under the influence. He was ordered to pay a fine and court costs, to complete 10 hours of community service and DWI school, and to surrender his license for three months. According to court files, Rosa’s license remains suspended because of fees stemming from this arrest.
  • Also in July 2011, Rosa pleaded no contest to a West Warwick police charge of possession of marijuana. According to online records, he still owes $293.50 between court fees and a donation to the Violent Crimes Indemnity Fund. When Rosa completes payments, the charge will be filed for a year.

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