Former Westerly Town Manager Appointed to Fix Central Coventry Fire District

The district may avoid a court-ordered shutdown.

Steven Hartford. File photo.
Steven Hartford. File photo.
Former Westerly Town Manager Steven Hartford has been appointed to fix the bankrupt Central Coventry Fire District.

The Providence Journal reported Hartford was named the state receiver for the district by Gov. Lincoln Chafee.

The governor this week announced the state took control of the district to save it in the face of a court-ordered shutdown.

"This is a critical public safety issue, and I feel strongly that Steve will act swiftly in this effort to stabilize the Central Coventry Fire District," Chafee said in a statement, according to the Journal. "He understands the issues. He is an attorney, and he recently was the manager of a large municipality. I believe he is well-suited for this task."

Earlier this year, a judge ordered the liquidation of the Central Coventry Fire District after it went bankrupt. The order mandated that the district close by May 16. Chafee's actions will avoid that.

Town officials and the local firefighters' union has said the closure would slow firefighting operations. The Central Coventry Fire District is the largest of the town's four fire districts.
Can't Wait To Leave May 14, 2014 at 02:09 PM
Oaker I am a blue collar worker that has to prioritize what I spend money on. I live with in my means. I refuse to live like ccfd and go to centerville bank to get a loan to pay bills I already have. I have to say Oaker you just killed my beautiful day. The car I was taxed on last year was 9 years old. I just got a new car ( nothing fancy it's clearly with in my means) but never the less the value will be much higher this year. Now I am running the numbers for tax increase and I might have to bring the car back. How does the lemon law work? Lol Oaker again I agree with you. I have no problem paying a fair tax rate for services that are needed and run well. This is not a job factory and you certainly can't sit and let someone strong arm you especially in the name of safety without fighting back. And that is exactly what's happening here. It's absurd that we are even in this situation. Don't get your blood pressure to high. If you call ccfd they will bill you! Lol gotta find a way to laugh a little. This shit will kill people. No pun intended!! Lol
Toxic Avenger May 14, 2014 at 08:08 PM
Haha hatter, good one.


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