Patch Contributor Gets E-Book Published

Our own Jason Pisano has gotten his children's book "Travis Goes To School On Wheels"published as an E-book for Amazon's Kindle device.

Growing up with a major disability forced me to deal with many difficult situations.  As I got older I wondered how I could make it easier on youngsters who are going through the same obstacles that I experienced 30 years ago.

When people see me, they see what I have achieved. However, they don’t know what I had to overcome. Yes I overcame my disability, but I also overcame the stereotype that people with disabilities can’t achieve high goals in athletics and academics because people think you’re mentally disabled.

I wrote a children's book about two years ago to help make children with disabilities realize that it is possible to fit in to a regular school. If you read my book, you'll see a progressive character that illustrates what Travis deals with throughout his first year of school.

I feel this book can help many children disabled and able-bodied alike. It will help children accept people who are different. I also hope the book assists disabled children to transfer into the public schools.  This can be a difficult transformation, but I hope my story can help.  I think schools would all benefit from having this in their libraries.  I promise all children will learn a lesson from this tale! 

I hope this story will promote inclusion of disabled children in public schools.  Hopefully in the coming years able-bodied children will just see the person, not the disability.  I hope to read this story to schools nationwide as well in our own community. I would love this story to be a series of books of inclusion. We have come a long way in 30 years.  I hope I can help promote this even more.

Well are you waiting for?  Go order "Travis Goes to School on Wheels"!




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