Diocese Asks Bells Be Rung to Include Mother and Shooter, What's Your Take?

Governor Chafee asked bells be rung 26 times tomorrow in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook, the Diocese ask they ring 28 times, to include the mother and the shooter in our prayers

To honor the memory of the 26 victims who lost their lives in the shootings,  Governor Lincoln Chafee has called for a statewide moment of silence at 9:30 a.m. on Friday and has asked that buildings, which have the ability, ring bells 26 times during that moment in honor the victims.

The Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island recommends churches ring the bells 28 times, which would include a ring for both the shooter and his mother. 

"We think praying for all souls best reflects Christ’s message of forgiveness and love for all, and that we should especially pray for those souls who may need our prayers the most," said  Ruth Meteer, Communications Director for the Diocese.

Patch reader Jen Clarke Curry said a ring should be included for both mother and son.

"For the sake of the suffering Lanza family that is left behind, 28," said Curry on the Coventry Patch Facebook page. "There are many suffering in this tragedy but the remaining Lanza family is innocent as well."

Jessica Cone disagreed. 

"It would be disrespectful to the innocent if it were 27 or 28 in my opinion," she said on Facebook.

Tracy Rodriguez Prince tries to see both sides of the issue.

"That's a hard one...But there's a compromise in everything...I say 26 at one time out of respect, but a two bells at another time for the ill boy and his mother," Prince posted. "They all deserve the bell rung, but it's just too raw at the time when the childrens' will be done."

What do you think?  Should bells ring 26, 27 or 28 times?


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