Coventry Crusader: Newport Creamery

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Like everyone else with the weather change, Coventry Crusader was in the mood for some ice cream. came to mind first since they have plenty of seating and air conditioning!

As I headed into Newport Creamery, I noticed that it wasn't crowded -a plus- I should be able to get in and out relatively quick...

As I sat down I also noticed that there were four waitresses huddled in a circle chatting. I made eye contact before sitting down figuring they will hurry right over. What was I thinking?  I sat at a sticky booth and waited...I waited some more. I stood up and made off that I was adjusting in my seat so that I could make eye contact again. And I waited.

Finally after five minutes or so, a waitress approached. Since the ice cream menus are already on the table I figured I could place my order - wrong again.

After greeting me the waitress asked if I wanted dinner or ice cream and after I answered she put down some napkins and ran off.  Where was she headed, was there something in the huddle that she was missing? There must have been because when I looked up there she was with the rest of the staff chatting away. Heres a tip: spend more time cleaning or looking busy - the customer doesn't want to feel like they are interrupting you.

Another five minutes passes and she finally returns. I place my order and ask for some water.  My order was extremely simple-a dessert sundae. 

I wait. Wait some more. Finally here she comes in almost a sprint, puts down the sundae and heads off. I yell to her -I need water!! "Oh ya I will get it," she said and after returning with the water, she ran back to the huddle. I was tempted to go stand over there with her as it seemed a lot better than the service I was receiving. I finish the small, over-priced sundae, and guess what I did next? That's right I waited for the waitress to return with the check. She then came flying by saying "Thank you have a good night." in record speed.

Cleanliness: 3

Staff Friendliness: 2 (Very friendly but seemed like she rather be someplace else -like in the huddle- and rushed to finish.

Food Quality: 10

Overall Experience: 2

Here's a tip: If you are more interested in chatting than working look for another job. Whether your job pays $2.00 or $20.00 an hour shouldn't matter...you should take pride in your work and try your best. Especially when you are in a postion where your main salary is based on tips. Try a little harder.

Newport Creamery should rethink their staffing practices and perhaps have so many waitresses/waiters on at one time. I hate to say it but I have been to Newport Creamery so many times over the years and the same thing happens.  The morning staff is terrific and always seem interested in their job, but the afternoon and evening shifts, not so much.


Corey June 05, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Ever since John left as manager and Heidi took over, the creamery is just terrible. As a former employee, i refuse to ge there because the service now sucks and Heidi is just a horrible person and manager.
MILTY July 12, 2012 at 12:43 PM
Being relatively new to Coventry, I decided to take my wife and 5 year old granddaughter to the Creamery for ice cream === The tables were sticky, the help seemed totally disinterested, and the service is slow. I figured it was a fluke, so we tried again at a late date when we had company, and it was no different = so, I made a mental note not to return, and haven't for over a year. There are many nice, clean, well staffed places to eat in Coventry, and I will not subject myself (or family) to their total disregard of basic cleanliness and hospitality. Nope, don't need it !


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