Coventry Crusader: D'Angelos

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The Coventry Crusader has been on the hunt for a great sandwich shop, and let's just say I am still looking!

When I headed into 's, the first thing I notice is the strong odor of some cleaning detergent - just like the smell you associate with restrooms. Not something that really makes you have any appetite. Next, the air conditioning felt like it was non-existent! So here I am waiting to order in a hot, humid restroom-scented restaurant. I place my order, which, although on the menu gets me a look of confusion from the employee. 

Now I step aside while I watch my sandwich being made. What a great sight it is watching someone cook your sandwich as they wipe away their sweat on the sleeve of their shirt! Now I have really worked up my appetite! I also love hearing the latest news while the staff discusses all the dirty laundry while I am standing there. I really need to know all the info they are discussing with one another.

But the best part had to be when they finished my sandwich. After they cooked it on the black, gunky grill they proceeded to use the bun to sweep up the contents of my sandwich. Yum! All of the black specs sitting on the bun with all the grease they just soaked up really looked delicious.

This trip into D'Angelo's was not my first - they have had several visits from me and unfortunately it is almost the same experience every time. 

Lets make this one easy:

Overall Experience : 0

I hope that they can turn it around. At one time D'Angelo's had it all -great food and great staff - with too many management changes and not enough effort they have really gone down hill.

Justin Cider August 19, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I personally enjoy the black specs and other tasty morsel's that come with it.
Dawn August 20, 2012 at 12:24 PM
I agree with the Coventry Crusader, at one time D'Angelos was a great place. We've ordered from there on several occasions using their online ordering system. Almost every time the order was wrong or missing a sandwich. There's nothing like getting home and someone's sandwich is missing!!
mad hatter August 21, 2012 at 04:48 PM
i agree. and paying $7-8 for a sandwich is getting silly...


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