Neon Lights: Is She Really Wearing That?

Is everyone out there dressed in neon?

Every now and again trends of yester-year tend to pop into vogue and remind us of some of the “interesting” outfits we wore to school dances or impress our crushes (hello, glitter eye shadow of 1998, not my smartest move). A few years ago we were infected with a resurgence of popped collar mania on polo shirts and a few rogue side pony tails and “Bump-Its”. The breezy trapeze style shirts of the 60s (most were worthy of the maternity section, what was I thinking?) graced us with their presence two summers ago and this spring many of us women were re-living the “summer of love” in our flowy, boho shirts and denim jeans. I am fairly certain that I’ve also recently witnessed a few leg and arm warmers traipsing around Wal-Mart. This summer, however, the use of neon has taken retro fashion to a whole new level. Since the start of the warmer weather this spring, I’ve noticed a surprisingly strong relationship between teens and young adults and the neon colors of the 80s.

Almost every day, no matter where I travel to, I can find a young someone dressed in neon jeans, “muscle-t” style tank tops or crop tops in eye-catching colors, clothing with mesh inserts and cut-outs, and extremities loaded up on jewelry. Bless these brave, young souls for embracing the fashion world’s suggestion of incorporating neon and taking it into a whole new level of confidence and self-esteem. I will watch your fashion endeavors from over here! Okay, I will admit that this summer, I did dabble in the neon craze. I bought a pair of white skinny jeans and some Technicolor tops. I’ve also popped on some neon colored jewelry pieces from Lia Sophia, like their Flower Pot necklace and aptly named Technicolor bracelets. This summer, I even purchased a gray shirt with a mesh back! Look at me go.

When summer turns into fall, some of these styles will most likely return back to the depths of the closet and be replaced with pieces of clothing that are easier on the eyes. Let's discuss! What styles of clothing or trends do you hope will slip away with the leaves in the fall? Are there trends out there that you’re secretly loving or ones that you are dying for to make a come back? I heard that someone is trying really hard to bring back the denim vest…

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Stephanie Caldwell July 26, 2012 at 04:56 PM
The sungalsses! You know the ones I'm talking about? The square plastic neon frames STRAIGHT out of the 80's. I see them every where, and it makes me laugh every time. Part of me is laughing at them, but a bigger part of me is laughing in the "ohmygosh that's awesome!" way. Although I do hope they pass with the season of summer. Also, snap bracelets! They're everywhere. I think I had, at least 2 arm fulls when I was 8. I was at Staples yesterday, and even Staples was selling rubber coated snap bracelet watches - FOR ADULTS. That, can stay around in my opinion, lol. The one trend I DESPISE: ALL OVER SHEER TOPS WORN AS IS. I don't care if you're 16, 21, or 55 (yes I have seen all 3 ages don this apparel), I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT! It's inappropriate for family gatherings, a professional work environment, funeral services (I witnessed this last month, and it wasn't the 16 or 21 year old) and pretty much every thing else except night clubs, concerts, or as a beach cover up. Lastly, I'll always leave room for a neon accessory here 'n there. Nails, hair streak, heels, it can be fun and grown up too :) OMG, denim vest.... I think every one should come with a bedazzler...
Melynda S July 27, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Stephanie, you just made my day! I have the same reaction to ALL of those items. Oh, how could I have forgotten my bedazzler?! I'll cross my fingers and hope it, too, comes back with the denim vest.


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