Strategy 29, Healing Juices, A New Way of Life: Lifestyle Strategies to Combat and Prevent Breast Cancer

Daily strategies for breast cancer prevention

October 29 – Strategy 29 –Healing Juices

Our bodies have been gifted with marvelous self-healing capabilities.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the most healing foods that God has given us for that purpose. Juicing makes it easy for our bodies to absorb high quality nutrients to feed our cells.  Juices are highly detoxifying and cleansing.  They help repair damage to our cells, heal and nourish.  The entire focus of my daily tips has been that a holistic diet is the key to healing and prevention. Juicing takes eating healthy to yet another level.

In the initial two years following my diagnosis, I developed my own juicing program.  I purchased a Green Star Juicer and juiced organic fruits and vegetables faithfully. Kale, celery, carrots, apples and spinach were my main ingredients.  Juicing, although incredibly beneficial, requires a significant time commitment.  I was retired so I easily had the time.  I realize that many people simply do not.  One strategy that was very helpful was juicing every few days, and freezing the juice in ice cube trays.  Although not ideal, since the juice is most beneficial right after juicing, it was better than not juicing at all.

Six months later, I happened to be in Costco when a Vitamix Blender was being demonstrated.  Vegetable smoothies were available for sampling and the presenter was making a lime and spinach recipe.  A tasting was offered and it was delicious! Purists will argue that juicing is better than blending because juicing requires next to no digestion and can be absorbed and assimilated immediately into the bloodstream, allowing the digestive system to rest. The fact if the matter is, blending is a lot easier.  Human nature being what it is, the easier method is usually the choice. The important thing is to pick one…whichever one you choose, but to faithfully do it.

In my case, I purchased a Vitamix, and must confess I prefer it over my juicer. I do still juice kale and spinach and freeze the juice in ice cube trays and add one or two cubes to my smoothie, but the Vitamix is so convenient and easy to use, that it’s part of my daily routine. Blending keeps the pulp as well as the juice so it’s a simple task to achieve 5-7 servings per day of fruits and vegetables. 

The best base is apple juice, apple cider or coconut water.  I begin by adding enough liquid to the bottom of the blender to just cover the blades.  I then add spinach, kale and either blueberries, cherries or strawberries. You can also add lime or ginger depending on your taste.  The important ingredient is the greens, the most powerful anti-cancer agents.

If a Vitamix is not within your budget, try to purchase the best affordable machine.  A regular blender simply is not powerful enough to liquefy solids, and the texture and consistency of your smoothie will not make it appetizing. 

I think if you’d have to choose between either buying a blender or juicer, a blender would be a better, more practical choice to start with. Smoothies are fun to make and let’s not forget: a blender can do more than just blend smoothies! What about chopping, making sauces and dips, or even making nut butters (high speed blenders)? However, a juicer will bring your already healthy lifestyle to a new level.

Check out a new video on the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine:


To see all the tips for prevention, or purchase my book, A Teacher’s Journey…What Breast CancerTaught Me, go to www.sisters4prevention.com.

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