Will Coventry Have Another Snowy Weekend?

Another weekend, another possible snow storm.


Though the snow is melting, grounds across Rhode Island may once again be covered as yet another snow system makes its way to the Ocean State.

Multiple weather outlets are tracking a snowstorm that looks to hit southern New England Saturday into Sunday. Because the storm is still two days out, initial projections for snowfall are uncertain, however most of Rhode Island will likely have several hours of rain Saturday night before it changes to snow on Sunday morning.

The Weather Channel, however, reports that Rhode Island could see up to a foot of new snowfall while other forecasts show Coventry and the surrounding areas possibly seeing between 4 to 8 inches of snow. 

In his Friday afternoon update, WJAR meteorologist Mark Searles said that he isn't expecting a blockbuster amount of snow but that the potential and time are there enough for a possible shift in the storm's path.

"The tricky part of the forecast continues to be 1). exactly WHERE does the rain/snow line stop and 2). how much snow is left as the storm moves to our east Sunday morning," Searles writes. 

What's your guess? How much will the third consecutive weekend storm leave behind this time?


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