How Much Snow Will Coventry Get?

Forecasts vary, but Coventry looks to get a couple inches, and it looks like much of Rhode Island will be spared major snow totals.

Will Coventry see significant snowfall this weekend or will it be an inch with rain mixed in?

The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather alert for the weekend as a wintry mix makes its way toward the region. But how much snow Coventry is expected to get depends on how warm the temperatures remain. Forecasts vary, but most expect just a couple inches in the area. ABC6 is predicting 1-3 inches; WPRI 12 has Coventry getting 1-4 inches; and NBC 10 predicts "a few inches." The National Weather Service is calling for about a half-inch. 

Snow and rain are expected to begin sometime Saturday afternoon, switching back and forth between all snow, all rain and a mix through the evening. After midnight, it should remain all snow, continuing into Sunday afternoon. Temperatures are expected to vary between the mid-20s at night and mid-30s during the day Saturday and Sunday, determining how much snow ends up falling.

Since your guess is as good as any forecaster's with this storm, let us know how in the comments section below much snow you expect to fall on Coventry.


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