Spotlight on Talent - Ryan Tremblay

Coventry Patch speaks with hometown musicians about their history, music, and future plans. Learn a little bit about local Christian singer/songwriter Ryan Tremblay.

Ryan Tremblay is a born and bred Coventry resident who is certainly no stranger to making music. The singer and songwriter began his musical career at the very young age of three years old, playing the drums, and gained an interest in songwriting when he entered . Tremblay comes from a talented family of musicians who share his passion for music, and have always lent their support to Tremblay and pushed him to follow his dreams.

The inspiration behind Tremblay’s music is his faith. After high school, Tremblay left his Church without the intention of returning. During his years in college, he began to feel unfulfilled and was recommended by his godmother to read a book entitled “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. “Rome Sweet Home” is an account of the married couple’s conversion from the Presbyterian church to Roman-Catholic church.  After reading this book, he was moved to re-commit to his faith and was inspired to record his first full length recording, called “My Life with You.”

"My Life with You” was released in August, 2010, at in Coventry, RI. “I find my home to be Saint John and Paul’s Church,” says Tremblay. It was there that I originally began my musical career as a Christian musician and to this day, I still play there whenever I'm asked. Coventry is abeautiful place in a great state and I couldn't have picked a better place to grow up."

Tremblay and co-writer/producer Todd Urbanas recorded all the music heard on “My Life with You” together. “It's a blessing to be able to create such big sounding music with such few people,” says Tremblay.

For live performances, Tremblay is backed up by friend Jason Hervieux (piano and vocals) and cousin Alex Tremblay (upright bass.) “Performing live is my passion,” says Tremblay. “When I am able to share my music with others in a live setting, it is a tremendous gift.”

Tremblay plans to continue to record and pursue a career as a Christian recording artist. "My plan for now and the future is to stay humble and pursue the things in which the Spirit calls me to pursue,” says Ryan. “The next step, I suppose, is to share it with the world."

“My Life with You” can be streamed for free at Tremblay’s website, www.ryantremblaymusic.com. The record is mostly acoustic and slow-paced, and showcases Tremblay’s acoustic guitar and vocals. The record can be purchased at Gabriel’s Trumpet Christian Book Store on Main St, or purchased online on Itunes, Amazon.com, or CDBaby.com.

Ryan Tremblay is currently available for live bookings and may be contacted at bookings@ryantremblaymusic.com.

Laurie Cary April 02, 2011 at 09:18 PM
Thank you for writing this article on Ryan Tremblay. He is a very talented singer, songwriter, and musician. I enjoyed listening to the songs from "My Life with You" on Ryan's website and wish him the best of luck with future projects. I would be interested to know if he will be playing locally in the near future.
Pamela Mahon June 26, 2011 at 08:53 PM
Ryan Tremblay is not only an extremely talented musician, but also and all around AWESOME person! (-: I feel privileged to share the same Parish home of Sts. John & Paul Church, Coventry, RI with Ryan and his wonderful family. GOD BLESS! Pamela Mahon


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