Oscar-Nominated Actress Supports Bill to Protect Circus Elephants

Actress Viola Davis, a Rhode Island native, is asking lawmakers to pass a bill to protect circus elephants from harm.


A well-known Rhode Island native and Oscar-nominated actress is showing her support for a Portsmouth representative's bill to protect circus elephants. 

The Providence Journal reports Viola Davis, a Central Falls native and star of the movie "The Help," wants lawmakers to pass Rep. Raymond Gallison's bill H-5853.  

Rep. Gallison (D-Dist. 69, Portsmouth and Bristol) previously introduced a bill to make the mistreatment of circus elephants a felony. The bill would also prohibit animal handlers from using such training devices as bull hooks on the animals. 

If passed, violations of bill could result in fines of $5,000. The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary, but no vote is scheduled. 

To read the full bill, click here.


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