Dog Park Organizer Announces Future Park Location

The recently-approved dog park will be located centrally for all residents to utilize.


Following a meeting with members of the Coventry Town Council on Tuesday night, Coventry Dog Park organizer Lisa Finneran was pleased to announce that the town has confirmed a location for residents to safely (and legally) bring their dogs for some off-leash fun.

The park will be established behind what is now called the Coventry Town Hall Annex, at 1675 Flat River Rd. (formerly Washington Oak Elementary School.) Town officials will allow Finneran and members of the Coventry Dog Park Association to utilize the entire first field behind the school that stretches into a wooded area. 

The location is ideal for the dog park as it is already partially fenced (more fencing will be installed to allow small and large dogs to have separate enclosures), there are already benches at the location, it does not need to be cleared and there is already grass present. Dog owners will also be allowed to utilize the portable toilets that are on-site for baseball teams to use from April through October.

"This is absolutely the best situation that we could have asked for," said Finneran. "I'm thrilled that it worked out so well and the decision was made so quickly. It took less than a month to secure the land!"

With the park's location confirmed, Finneran plans to continue setting up a non-profit organization for donations and will begin organizing a dog park committee. Fund-raising opportunities will be planned in order to purchase supplies and materials needed to complete the park.

"It's just a matter of starting the planning and organizing," she said. "We've had a lot of interested parties come forward wanting to help including some landscapers and a professional fundraiser."

"We will start getting some estimates for what we need and then start fund-raising," Finneran continued. "I'm just so excited about the property and I think it's going to work out fabulously!"

If you would like information about donating or volunteering at the park or to submit comments or suggestions, Lisa can be reached at Lfinneran12@gmail.com.

Carol September 28, 2012 at 10:11 PM
Then you must not be a dog owner. It is good for dogs to socialize. They learn from socialization, just like people do. It's an all volunteer program.
Steve Menard September 30, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Judi, You're obviously not a dog owner nor have you ever been to a dog park. You could not be more misinformed. Dog owners for the most part are caring and considerate people and dogs that are socialized with other dogs often, have fewer behavioral problems. My wife and I own two dogs and take them to the Warwick and South Kingstown dog parks as often as we can, but the drive to either can be a pain. We are thrilled that Coventry has decided to allow a dog park in town. As for fights between dogs, I have only seen one in all the time we've had our dogs and it certainly did not end in anyone's dog being killed. It was broken up quickly and the offenders were asked to leave. Dogs in large groups usually get along together better than most people do. If you've ever been to Gillette for a Patriot's game, you know this is true. They're natural instinct is to be pack animals and work and live together peacefully. I would like to thank Lisa and Kathleen for putting the effort to get this done. BRAVO!!
Jennifer Gould October 02, 2012 at 06:41 PM
It's a good idea that it's so close to the pound. Maybe during off "peak" hours, the pound can bring the dogs over there for more exercise while they wait to be adopted, OR...maybe the town can put up a bulletin board with photos of animals waiting for a loving home! Sound good?
Jennifer Gould October 02, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Or, if the pound doesn't know the complete temperment of the dogs, maybe a designated area could be used for dogs just to run for a bit.
David Kelly January 09, 2014 at 01:41 PM
any idea when it will be open, long drive to Warwick Park :(


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