Coventry's Cutest Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Chester Colwell

My fellow Patch editors perused the "awwdorable" photos submitted by Coventry couples and decided that Mr. and Mrs. Colwell deserved the top spot!

"There are so many cute couples in Coventry that it is hard to choose, but if I had to pick one, it is Mr. and Mrs. Chester Colwell," said Middletown Patch Editor, Olga Enger. "Their coordination to detail as a couple is impeccable - the flowers in her hair match the color of the rose pinned to his suit! But what I appreciate the most, is that Mrs. Colwell is patiently waiting for her husband to notice she is out of wine, something many wives don't tolerate with a smile."

Click here to check out the rest of the super sweet photo submissions.

♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Coventry!  ♥



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